Into the wild - Backpacking

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 Backpacking between Cheakamus and Garibaldi lakes, near the Black Tusk

Have you ever wanted to take some time to explore and discover what's off the beaten track? This Backpacking course will take you into some of BC's incredible backcountry and give you a taste of the high and wild places that make this part of the world so beautiful.

We'll teach you the essentials of living on the trail and give you a host of tools to use for years to come.  From navigating with a map and compass to treating water or a blister, we help you hone your skills as you travel cross country with your fellow adventurers.

As the journey takes place, we take time to process some of the lessons we come across, and seek to uncover some of the hidden treasure the wilderness gives to those who dig.  We'll take time to discuss the issues we come across, and see how they might help us engage our own circumstances in more meaningful and proactive ways.

Joins us on an adventure that will motivate, challenge and invigorate you, as you leave the familiar and take a journey into the Wild.