Odyssey - Sea Kayaking

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There is nothing like taking to the seas in your own craft, yet skilled seamanship demands a lot from those who venture out from our rugged coasts.  This course will help you get acquainted with double kayaks, the associated paddling gear and the essentials needed to live from your boat for several days.  We'll give you a host of important tools to successfully paddle mild to moderate swell, instruct you on reading marine and tide charts, and guide you in the accurate use of a compass and GPS for navigation.

As your base of skills expands, we'll coach you on what it takes to self rescue, how to deal with cold water emergencies, and what it takes to work as a team in managing the risk level on the water. Along the way you'll learn about the geography, natural history, and marine life that are part of our wild shores.


Taking a lunch break in the Gulf Islands, off Galiano