Gripped - Mountaineering

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A solid adventure above tree line where we aim to summit several peaks and teach you the ropes on the way there.  Learn how to use an ice axe, break trail, tie an alpine butterfly and set up a bomber anchor.  From digging a snow cave to evaluating the safety of a slope, you'll have a chance to discover what it takes to tackle some of the peaks of BC's coast range.  Each day is an opportunity to practice and apply relevant leadership issues, such as sound judgement, effective communication and team reliability
This strenuous course is a great opportunity to discover the essentials of mountaineering, as we give you an experience of a lifetime: from great workouts, early alpine starts, and views that will leave you speechless; it's all part of being bitten by the cascade mountain bug.  you'll be gripped for years to come. 

Climbing the Roman wall on Mt. Baker