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Where do WAO courses take place ? 


We run the majority of our programs in southwestern British Columbia,

as we have access to some rugged and remote terrain that provide 

the essential ingredients to good adventure programming.  

The Chilliwack and Clark ranges are some of our most frequented



What do I need to bring ?


Living in the outdoors requires the right gear, and we provide all

the technical stuff like ropes, stoves, tents and ice axes.

You will need to bring good footwear and clothing.  That's it !  

We will provide you with a detailed list when you apply.


Do I need to be an athlete to participate ?


 You do not need to be an athlete to participate, however keep in mind

that most of our courses are rugged and strenuous. You will find your time

much more pleasant and rewarding if you are active prior to coming.  We

recommend taking time to run, bike or swim several times before the

course starts.




Who are My instructors ? 


WAO staff are seasoned wilderness instructors, certified in Advanced Wilderness

First Aid and CPR.  They are selected on the basis of their outdoor skills and

experience, leadership ability and personal maturity.  Many hold certifications

with professional bodies such as the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, the

Royal Life Saving Society and Paddle Canada.




Are there any other costs ?



Yes!  The following two items are not included in the course fees, 

though some day we hope they will be:

        1.  Food: you can either bring your own (we'll give you 

          a detailed menu) or we can take care of it all.  

          The cost is $5 per person per meal.

        2.  Rental fees for the following: Sea Kayaks, Canoes, White Water

         Kayaks, Backcountry Ski and Snowshoe Equipment and Sleeping bags

         and pads.